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Final Project
    1. Beit Shemesh

    2. 66 Optic
    3. Good to go
    4. Basic Design Week   
    5. Maapilim Pride
    6. Science 42

Websites & Apps
    7. Street library
    8. The great wars    
    9. Subbing App

Print & others
  10. Virology
  11. Dan Risinger Catalog 


Virology | Print

'Virology' is a comprehensive book covering 24 different types of viruses.
The book opens from both sides, with one chapter dedicated to RNA viruses (in green)
and the other to DNA viruses (in pink). In the center of each two-page spread, there is a
colored middle page featuring a microscope image. This page can be moved from side to
side to reveal or hide the accompanying text.

Project includes: printed book, complex typography, graphic language.