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Final Project
    1. Beit Shemesh

    2. 66 Optic
    3. Good to go
    4. Basic Design Week   
    5. Maapilim Pride
    6. Science 42

Websites & Apps
    7. Street library
    8. The great wars    
    9. Subbing App

Print & others
  10. Virology
  11. Dan Risinger Catalog 


Dan Risinger Catalog | Print

Dan Reisinger was a renowned Israeli designer who played a defining role in
shaping the national graphic language. In creating a catalog for him, I conducted
preliminary research and discovered that he approached his creative process by
separating color, form, and content and exploring their relationships independently.
With this in mind, I split the catalog into three formats: the small red for content, the
medium green for shape, and the large blue for color, inspired by one of Reisinger's
famous posters.

The content format tells the story of Reisinger's life and provides details on works
presented in the other two formats, while the shape and color formats highlight
Reisinger's focus on form and color, respectively. The glass packaging serves as
a "frame" for the works.

Project includes: 3 printed books, complex typography, glass packaging, and graphic language.