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Good to go | Branding

As part of a collaboration with the Israeli organization 'TNS', which focuses
on reducing food waste in Israel, I was asked to come up with a creative
solution to this problem.

'Good to go' is a brand of community food vehicles that roam around the big city
and collect surplus food from urban supermarkets that would otherwise be discarded.
Immediately after the food collection,we park in various and diverse areas throughout
the city and, in collaboration with regular chefs and volunteers who help us collect the
food, we cook high-quality, seasonal, tasty, experiential meals without any unnecessary
waste of ingredients. Food is the basis of our existence, and good quality and tasty food
are the foundation of our enjoyment.

Project includes: developing an entrepreneurial idea, logo and tagline, food truck,
food packaging, campaign photography, website, and social media presence.

︎︎︎ Logo

︎︎︎ Our Good story 

︎︎︎ Campaign posters

︎︎︎ Calling for volunteers 

︎︎︎ Food packaging 

︎︎︎ Campaign

︎︎︎ Website 

︎︎︎ Project presentation at MAZA 9 in Tel Aviv